Baroka FC's Gebhardt celebrates team's PSL survival

Baroka FC's Gebhardt celebrates team's PSL survival
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Football player Ananias Gebhardt recently said he was sure that his South African club Baroka FC would survive the relegation battle to stay in the top league of that country.
After initially playing for Namibian side Black Africa, Ananias Gebhardt signed with South African PSL club Baroka FC in 2018.
Considering that his club recently encountered some challenges, Gerhardt said for their team to survive in the league was far more important than to win the Telecom Cup.
As such, he scored a crucial goal against the newly crowned South African Champions Mamelodi
Sundowns to earn his team the vital three points.
”I was sure that we will survive, because there were other teams around us that also had fewer points than us. What actually helped us is our goal difference. I think we are amongst the best top five defence teams in the PSL. That alone only kept us motivated ” he said.
Although he remained confident about opportunities for his team, COVID-19 has brought about some changes.
"COVID-19 taught me how to appreciate the little things in life. You never know when the end of time will come” he concluded.
At this point in time, Gebhardt - who is a passionate Arsenal supporter - does not only celebrate Baroka's survival, but also Arsenal's good start to the season.