Kazapua describes 2019/20 season as biggest career slump

Kazapua describes 2019/20 season as biggest career slump
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Katrina //Gowases

Brave Warriors goalkeeper Loydt Kazapua has described the 2019/20 season as the worst season in his professional Football career.
He is yet to set foot on the pitch for his club and the outbreak of COVID- 19 has not helped his situation.
Loydt Kazapua is currently Namibia's number one goalkeeper.
Besides playing for the country's national team, however, he also joined South African Premier Soccer League side Baraka Football Club from Nation Wide First Division side Maccabi FC, who loaned him from Highlands Park.
The 31-year-old caught the eye of the PSL side after an impressive performance during the 2019 African Cup of Nations.
The 2019/20 season filled with disappointment for Kazapua nonetheless, as he struggled to make the squad, because of the number foreign based players already at the club.
The situation forced Kazapua to register as a permanent resident of South Africa in February this year to be considered for the match day squad.
"I started getting close to the team. I was on the bench in the cup tie, but then the Corona Virus hit the country and we stooped training and playing" Kazapua said.
The former Tigers and African Stars goalkeeper stays alone, since the lock down was announced in South Africa.
Although this is yet another setback in terms of his career, he believes staying at home is the best thing to help curb the deadly virus.
"I wanted to go home when I heard about this lock down, but then I though this is how the virus spread so I decided to stay home" he added.
Kazapua has been given a training schedule to follow during this lonely time.
He maintains good communication with his family and Brave Warriors team mates in Namibia.