The Swakopmund Municipality has unveiled its new logo.

Chief Executive Officer Alfeus Benjamin says this marks a significant step in showcasing the town's identity and progress.

The new logo symbolises Swakopmund's place on the Namibian map, representing its growth and development on the African continent.

The unveiling ceremony, which was attended by town officials, residents, and stakeholders, highlighted Swakopmund's emergence as a vibrant hub within the Erongo Region and the wider SADC community.

Benjamin explained that the new logo, featuring a lighthouse, is indicative of Swakopmund's coastal landscape, while its red, gold, black, grey, and blue colours have symbolic significance, representing the Namibian people, the desert landscape, and the Atlantic Ocean's attraction.

"We want to be known as a city of innovation. The world is changing every day. The methods of 40 years ago of running a town might not be relevant, so we continuously need to keep improving with the times. Whether it's technologically, we can leverage technology to provide faster and more affordable services to our people, or we need to become smart in the way we provide services to our people."

The CEO also emphasised the town's intention to enhance visibility both locally and globally and prioritise service delivery, not only to residents but also internally within the organisation. 

Recognising the evolving demands of the world, the town has adapted by restructuring personnel and job descriptions to better align with contemporary needs.

"The process of rebranding has been one filled with dedication, creativity, and a deep sense of pride in our identity; it embodies the uniqueness of tradition and modernity, diversity, and unity that define Swakopmund; therefore,  I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to those that have been on this journey,"  said Swakopmund Municipal Councillor Heinrich Hafeni.

In addition to advancements in infrastructure and service provision, Swakopmund has made strides in education, tourism, and renewable energy.

The town boasts multiple university projects, private schools, and initiatives promoting urban agriculture.

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