THE DAILY ROUNDUP WITH NINA | Bishop Mike Songiso elaborates on Ascension Day

Ascension Day is a Christian holiday that celebrates the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven. According to Christian tradition, Jesus was crucified on Good Friday, rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, and then remained on Earth for 40 days before ascending into heaven.

Ascension Day is observed on the 40th day after Easter Sunday, which falls on a Thursday. It is considered a major feast day in the Christian calendar and is an important holy day for many Christians around the world.

Bishop Mike Songiso from Destiny Empowerment Centre shares more.

THE DAILY ROUNDUP WITH NINA | Advocate Bience Gawanas honored by Humanitarian Awards Global

Advocate Bience Gawanas has been honored by the Humanitarian Awards Global as one of Africa's most impactful change makers for 2022.

A change maker of note nationally and globally Advocate Gawanas continues to not only make a mark in this world but ensures change through her advocacy.

She shares about the award but more importantly, what inspires her to fight for others.

Christian faith commemorates Ascension Day

Today is Ascension Day, the Christian holiday celebrated annually, about 39 days following Easter Sunday. On this day, followers of the faith commemorate the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven.

This feast day is one of the ecumenical feasts of Christian churches, along with the celebrations of the Passion, Easter, and Pentecost. Ascension Day is generally observed on a Thursday, the forty-first day after Easter.

nbc News reporter Stefan |Uirab spoke to Apostle Nancy Ganes.

TALK OF THE NATION | Foreclosure & Repossession of Homes

Foreclosures and the repossession of homes have been a hot topic making rounds in local media.

Statistics show that commercial banks have repossessed unsold residential properties valued at N$251 million in the past five years until the end of June last year.

The situation surrounding foreclosures has sparked debate around the conduct of creditors, with some calling for the review of laws of what has been termed as "unjust" home repossessions.

INTERVIEW | Ndumba Kamwanya on just ended by-election in Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency

Political analyst Ndumba Kamwanya speaks on his impressions of the just-ended by-election in the Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency and how it could affect the political landscape in Namibia.

The Landless People's Movement retained the constituency after its candidate, Willem Labuschagne, won the by-election with 1,272 votes. Swapo Party candidate Elias !Kharuxab obtained 872 votes, while independent candidate and former LPM councillor Gerrit Witbooi received 462 votes.