The Minister of Finance Iipumbu Shiimi has tabled a national budget of more than N$72,6 billion during the 2023-2024 financial year, in the National Assembly.

Just like in previous national budgets, the ministries of Education, Health, and Defence continue to dominate state allocation.

In his opening statement, Shiimi was hopeful for increased revenue collection - while forecasting good economic growth.

Notwithstanding the ramifications of COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Shiimi's speech was centered on Economic Revival and Caring for the Poor.

Pro-Sustainability, Pro-Poor, and Pro-Growth were thus the mottos of this year's budget.

The Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture is to receive N$16,8 billion, while the Ministry of Higher Education is allocated N$3,8 billion.

That money is to go towards the construction and renovation of classrooms and the recruitment of more teachers.

Additionally, funding will go towards the Namibia Financial Assistance Fund, for the completion of additional VTCs and to equip UNAM's Medical School, among others.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services is third in priority, allocated N$9,6 billion. 

That funding is to go towards ensuring quality health care and service to Namibians and towards the implementation of the Universal Health Coverage Policy Framework.

The public safety sector, which includes Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security, the Judiciary, and the Anti-Crruption Commission are allocated a combined figure of N$14,1 billion.

The Ministry of Sports, Youth, and National Service is to receive N$473,2 million.

The department of works should receive N$2,9 billion to go towards ongoing road construction projects, while a further N$644,4 million to the works department, is meant to renovate government facilities and infrastructure.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform is earmarked N$2.4 billion, Industrialisation and Trade Ministry received N$297,6 million while Mines and Energy is allocated N$250,7 million.

Meanwhile, the Finance Minister announced an increase in old age pensions, the disability grant as well as grants for orphans and vulnerable children, increasing by N$100.

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Jefta Tjihumino