Limited resources hampers veteran fund projects

The Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs, Frans Kapofi, has explained that the Namibian government's commitment to disburse funding for veterans' projects is hampered by the constraints imposed by limited resources.

He was addressing the challenges impeding the progress of project funding in response to questions from Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Elma Dienda during a parliamentary session.

Kapofi recalled the recent parliamentary approval of the budget, which included provisions to fund projects for veterans.

Defence Ministry urged to align to modern defence technology 

The Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs, Frans Kapofi, has urged the top echelon of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) to implement strategic policies aligned with modern defence technology.

Minister Kapofi made these remarks while addressing a defence annual review conference at Swakopmund.
Kapofi stated that it is high time for the NDF to expand and manifest itself within the scope of modern technology, calling it a paradigm shift in fighting evolution. 

The deaths of Shishugho family members could have been avoided with proper coordination - Kapofi

The Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs, Frans Kapofi, says the deaths of 16 Shishugho family members should serve as a reminder to those deployed at grassroots levels to continuously access and inform the government to take appropriate action.

Kapofi expressed deep regret over the deaths of 16 people due to food insecurity.

Kapofi believes the disaster could have been avoided through various relief programmes had the government been notified of the dire situation the family was passing through.

Government not able to address the issue of statelessness - Frans Kapofi

The 16 members of the Shishugho family who are suspected to have died from food poisoning were buried at Kayova Cemetery in Kayova village in Ndiyona constituency.

Frans Kapofi, Defence and Veterans Affairs Minister, delivered a message of condolences to the bereaved family and the entire community on behalf of the government.

Kapofi said that "it pains me to admit that we, as a government, have not been able to address the issue of statelessness for many of the people in its entirety".