Defence Ministry's benefits to veterans of liberation struggle

The Ministry of Defence and Veterans' Affairs offers a number of benefits to veterans of the liberation struggle. 

These range from counselling services to financial assistance and the provision of housing.

Our news team caught up with two veterans who benefited from the Housing Provision Scheme in Kavango East Region.

A veteran is any person who was a member of the liberation forces or who consistently and persistently participated in or engaged in any political, diplomatic, or under-ground activity in furtherance of the liberation struggle.

Namibians benefited from agreement entered into with Angola - Esau

The Former Minister of Marine Resources Bernhardt Esau asserted that Namibia and its citizens benefited from an agreement that was entered into with Angola.

Esau said this during the continuation of his bail hearing application.

The agreement between the two countries resulted in the establishment of Namgomar Pesca, a joint venture company that played a significant role in the Fishrot fishing quota fraud and corruption case.

According to state prosecutors, Namgomar Pesca was granted questionable fishing quotas during Bernhardt Esau's tenure as minister.