Chile, UNESCO host World Press Freedom Day Conference


The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Emma Theofelus, is in Santiago, Chile, attending the 31st World Press Freedom Day Conference organised by Chile and UNESCO.

World Press Freedom Day will be dedicated to the importance of journalism and freedom of expression in the context of the current global environmental crisis.

Midwifery leadership conference


The Independent Midwives Association of Namibia, in collaboration with the University of Namibia, are hosting a midwifery leadership workshop.

The workshop aims to foster knowledge exchange, professional development, global cooperation, and excellence in midwifery practices.

The event saw active participation from institutions such as Cardiff University and the World Health Organisation, marking a collaborative effort to advance and strengthen leadership in the field of midwifery.

Governance of SOEs Improves Due to Good Leadership - Shixwameni


The deputy Executive Director in the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises, Louise Shixwameni, says the appointment of the right people on the boards of directors of public enterprises has improved compared to past struggles.

Shixwameni addressed the Public Enterprises Conference, which aimed to foster dialogue and collaboration among key stakeholders to drive the growth and success of public enterprises in the country.

San Cultural Festival information sharing conference


The first-ever edition of the San Cultural Festival is on the cards.

The San community gathered at Otjiwarongo to plan for the November event in Tsumeb, which seeks to foster unity.

The festival looks to revive the San people's culture, traditions, and heritage, which are slowly disappearing in some quarters.

Although there are different subgroups, Chief Ananias Soroseb of the Kai !kha khoen Traditional Authority encouraged the community to use every opportunity to engage.

Information and Communication Rights in Africa conference underway in Windhoek


The Information and Communication Rights in Africa conference is currently underway in Windhoek, Namibia.

The regional conference seeks to contribute to ongoing efforts towards combating the major challenges affecting digital rights, access to information, freedom of expression, and media in Africa.

It will also touch on human rights and the digital transformation of media.

The conference will also deepen comprehensive access to information, promote digital rights and inclusion, and promote the public information commons.

AFTRA reaffirms commitment to improving teacher welfare and professional development in Africa


The Africa Federation of Teaching Regulatory Authorities (AFTRA) has reaffirmed its commitment to improving teacher welfare and professional development in Africa.

Its president, Professor Josiah Ajboye, made the affirmation at the authority's 10th Teaching and Learning Conference in Windhoek.

The conference provides a platform for professionals in the field of education to interrogate the challenges, issues, and prospects of the profession, with a focus on ways to transform education on the continent.

10th AFTRA teaching and learning conference to be held in Windhoek


The Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture (MoEAC), in collaboration with the Africa Federation of Teaching Regulatory Authorities (AFTRA) and the Namibia National Teachers Union (NANTU), will conduct the 10th AFTRA teaching and learning conference in Windhoek from May 9 to 12.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Transforming Education in Africa: Teachers, Teaching, and the Teaching Profession'.

Urgent need for action on climate change- Iipumbu


The Minister of Industrialization and Trade, Lucia Iipumbu, says there is an urgent need for action on climate change, as Namibia only contributes 0,003% of greenhouse gases globally.

IIpumbu was speaking at the Decarbonizing Namibia Conference in Windhoek, which focused on strategies and policies to reduce greenhouse gases in heating, ventilation, and cooling.

Namibia, like many countries around the world, is grappling with the effects of climate change, including rising temperatures, droughts, and floods.

Ebenezer Leaders Host Youth Conference at Otjiwarongo


In a quest to keep young people out of trouble and active, the leaders of the Ebenezer Youth Group are hosting a conference for the youth at Otjiwarongo.

With young people being the most prolific perpetrators of criminal activities and finding themselves on the wrong side of the law, Ebenezer Youth leaders are doing their bit to teach them to be responsible and disciplined youths.