Long-distance busses at Rhino Park ordered to vacate premises

Long-distance busses who operated from Puma Service Station in Windhoek's Rhino Park area are left in limbo, following a court order banning their continued presence there.

The Namibia Public Passenger Transport Association confirmed that the High Court ruled in favour of Puma, forcing the bus operators to vacate the premises.

The dispute between Puma and NABTA-affiliated long-distance bus operators, over ownership of the premises, has been ongoing since 2013.

Oshikango Constituency residents return homes as flood waters start to dry up

The floodwater at Onhaminda village in the Oshikango Constituency has dried up, and those who had been relocated to the higher ground have started moving back to their homesteads.

For the past two months, these residents have been fighting an uphill battle due to flood waters.

Their homes were submerged, as they had built them in the streams.

Despite flood waters having dried up, it is still worrisome for Albertina Moses, one of the residents at Onhaminda village, as her family and others have lost most of their belongings.

Some Ongwediva residents trapped in houses by flood waters refuse to be relocated

Ongwediva Constituency Councillor Andreas Uutoni is dismayed by residents who are trapped in houses by flood waters but are refusing to be relocated.

He says some affected villagers at Elombe who need to be relocated are demanding for individual tents to be erected in their mahangu fields to house them, but he says it is not possible.

Areas that are heavily affected in the Ongwediva Constituency are Eenghala village, Ohambungu, Okatope, Omatunda, Okadila, Oidiva, Onheleiwa, Ongwediva Sky 1,2 and 3 and Reception Area 1,2 and 3.

Relocation of Grade 10, 11 learners from Caprivi Secondary delays teaching at Mavuluma Secondary

The relocation of Grade 10 and 11 learners from Caprivi Secondary  School is delaying teaching at Mavuluma Secondary School in the Zambezi Region.

There were 998 learners at Mavuluma Secondary school.

However, the number now has increased to 1 239, after more than 200 learners who failed Grades 10 and 11 last year from the Caprivi Secondary School were accommodated at the school.

This has placed a challenge at Mavuluma in terms of space, teachers and furniture.

City of Windhoek pleads with residents in flood-prone areas to relocate

With occasional but heavy rains experienced in the capital, the City of Windhoek has extended a call to the residents living in unsuitable and flood-prone areas to approach the city's Human Settlement and Disaster Risk Management Departments for relocation to higher ground.

With the recent heavy rains, some houses may have been flooded, residents' property damaged, or even people killed.

Lydia Amutenya, the city's spokesperson, says the city has tried numerous times to persuade those living in danger zones to relocate with its assistance.