The Namibia Schools Sports Union's Chairperson, Thephilus Nuugulu, and NSSU's newly appointed Coordinator, Roger Kambatuku have stated that public schools sport lacks parental support. 

The two administrators made these remarks on NBC's Intersport show.

The existing relationship between the Ministry of Sport, NSSU and parents has led to the realization that school sport officials have played their role to the best of their abilities, whereas parental involvement has lacked in government schools.

NSSU Chairperson Theophilus Nuugulu explained that the parental support shown in private schools is evident, especially in extra mural activities. 

He also noted that parents' involvement in a child's academic and social life contributes to their overall well-being.

Nuugulu further stated that parents need to understand that sport is vital to a child, and that their support helps with family bonding.

NSSU Coordinator Roger Kambatuku stated that more effort should be invested in school sports to see greater results. 

We also spoke to Namholo Japhet, a parent of two kids who said that economic situations most parents find themselves in do not allow them to offer fulll support.

Kambatuku concluded that the Namibia National Private Schools Organization and NSSU will work together to bridge the existing gap between the two.