Nedbank Namibia's Managing Director, Martha Murorua, has urged local businesses to align their recovery programs with those of the government aimed at reviving the economy.

Murorua made these remarks at a Nedbank economic breakfast panel discussion in Swakopmund.

The discussions centered around the budget, tabled by the Minister of Finance and Public Enterprises, Ipumbu Shiimi.

The event, which coincided with the bank's annual employee roadshow, was aimed at bringing together leading voices in the coastal business community to discuss the current economic state of the country.

Murorua urged the business community to support government initiatives to create much-needed jobs, invest in infrastructure, and promote economic growth.

"As we are all players in the Namibian economic environment, it is integral for us to familiarize ourselves with what our government, through the ministry of finance, is financially prioritizing so that we also understand what role we can play in that one thing that is common to all of us: to see the people of our country prosper."

She added that Nedbank supports the government's commitment to reducing poverty and inequality in the country.

"Our purpose at Nedbank Namibia, of being money experts who do good, correlates really well to the theme of the National Budget, and we fully support the government's commitment to reducing poverty and inequality. Our purpose also highlights that we intentionally do not only see ourselves as the money experts working in a financial institution, but that our quest is only complete when we take our expertise and use it for the betterment of our society."

The Managing Director of High Economic Intelligence Namibia, Salomo Hei, gave a presentation on the global, regional, and domestic economic outlook, focusing on GDP growth, inflation, SACU revenues, and debt.

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Martha Murorua


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