The CEO of Cricket Namibia, Johan Muller, said the level of cricket, which was displayed at the ICC Cricket World Cup qualifier play-off was of high quality.

The Richelieu Eagles hosted Canada, Jersey, Papa New Guinea, the United Arab Emirates and the United States of America in a two week tournament of which the top two teams go through to the next qualifying phase in Zimbabwe in June.

Out of their five matches the Richelieu Eagles won three and lost two matches and Muller said that the hosting of the tournament went exceptionally well although the results on the field were a bit disappointing.

It was the first time that the tournament was hosted in two different venues and according to Muller, hosting an ICC level tournament is different than just hosting a normal international series.

To make this a properly run tournament Cricket Namibia had to rope in various partners from volunteers to suppliers who played a key role in the successful hosting of the tournament.

But while things went exceptionally well off the field the on the field performances weren't always great as the Richelieu Eagles ended third.

Nbc sport also spoke to Muller about what is in store for Namibia at the 2027 Cricket World Cup.

The next event that Cricket Namibia will be hosting is the Women's quadrangular series, which takes place from the 24th of April to 02 May at United Cricket Grounds.




Wesley Vries