The Minister of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform, Carl Schlettwein, in partnership with the European Union and GIZ Namibia, handed over a solar pump station to the Amarika Farmers Cooperation.

During the handover of the solar pump station, Schleittwein reiterated his ministry's commitment to providing essential services to farmers in remote areas like Amalika and Okatumba.

He mentioned the Ministry has also drilled about four boreholes, which have been interconnected to supply potable water for both human and animal consumption to various locations within the Okatumba vicinity.

The minister urged the farmers of Amarika and community members to take responsible care of the infrastructure.

He noted that instances of theft of similar infrastructure have been notably increasing nationwide.

The Ministry has recorded over 120 boreholes being destroyed due to the theft of solar panels, pumps, and other equipment over the years, leading to a disadvantage for our own communities.

The Deputy Head of the EU to Namibia, Gosia Lachut, emphasised that the collaborative agreement between the EU and the government continues to be a top priority, aimed at bolstering communal land development across the country.

To date, the EU has invested precisely 17 million euros, equivalent to N$600 million, in supporting farmers through the Communal Land Development Project, carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform.

Approximately N$15 million has been allocated to address water-related concerns.

This has resulted in the construction of 74 boreholes, the establishment of 169 kilometres of water pipelines, the installation of a fence spanning nearly 7000 kilometres, and the development of 20 cattle-related facilities.

Moreover, the Communal Land Development Project has also facilitated the issuance of over 100 legal land rights certificates.



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