In an alarming incident that transpired at the Jolly Joker bar in Omaruru, a 69-year-old bartender fell victim to a harrowing robbery at knifepoint.

Three unidentified assailants, armed with knives, a panga, and a pistol, entered the establishment around nine o'clock in the evening on Tuesday.

The unsuspecting bartender was viciously attacked within the confines of the bar as the culprits swiftly closed the door behind them. During the assault, he suffered facial injuries from a blow with a panga. Additionally, a 30-year-old male patron, engrossed in a jackpot machine, was also subjected to violence and sustained head injuries.

The brazen thieves made off with valuables, including a 9mm pistol and a Samsung Galaxy cell phone belonging to the bartender, the combined value of which amounted to 20 thousand Namibian dollars. Before their escape, they vandalized two machines and forcibly seized eight thousand Namibian dollars in cash at gunpoint before discharging a firearm into the air. Following these actions, they fled the scene on foot.

Regrettably, no items were recovered, and as of now, no arrests have been made. The Serious Crime Investigation Sub-Division has initiated a thorough inquiry into the incident, seeking to apprehend the culprits.

Authorities urgently call upon anyone with knowledge of the suspects or information regarding their whereabouts to reach out to Dep. Comm. Iikuyu at cell number 0812464757 or Warrant Officer Mathew Povanhu at cell number 0813089159. Alternatively, individuals are encouraged to contact their nearest police station.



Stefan |Uirab