Burton Weakley from  and Teresa Kasomba from Community Hope School really showed off their archery skills and came out on top at the African Genesis Archery Nationals & Adult Archery Group National Championships! 

This championship was a big deal, attracting over 200 talented archers who were all vying for glory. It's amazing to see the growing popularity and enthusiasm for archery in Namibia.

"We are growing each year with new arches at this stage we got about 200 arches all over Namibia,that is doing AGA archery, Archery is a very good sport it teachers all the kids great discipline self-confidence, more arches should join, more schools should join" said Poenie Weakley

The finals were intense, featuring the best eight junior and senior archers from 19 schools across the country. These archers truly gave it their all, impressing everyone with their confidence and determination. 

A special shoutout goes to Burton Weakley from Windhoek High School, who not only won the award for the Top Performing Boy but also claimed the titles of Senior Champion, National Champion Boy, and Leader of the Namibian Ranking for the second year in a row! 


And let's not forget about Teresa Kasomba from Community Hope School, who secured the title of National Champion Girl and received the Top Performing Girl award. 

During the awards ceremony, various categories were recognized, and it was a joyous occasion celebrating the achievements of these talented individuals. 

Junior Pro Ed was named the Top School of the day, while Community Hope School was crowned Senior Best School. 

This event truly showcased the incredible talent and dedication of these archers, and we can't wait to see what they accomplish in the future! Keep aiming high and hitting the bullseye! 



Katrina //Gowases/ Ndapewoshali Festus