Deputy Prime Minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah has appealed to financial institutions to lower their loan requirements for start-up capital and collateral for technical skills graduates to set up businesses.
Ndaitwah's views were shared on her behalf by Sports, Youth, and National Services Deputy Minister Emma Kantema-Goamas during the 5th National Youth Service Skills Graduation at the Riefontien Youth Training Centre in the Otjozondjupa Region.

Emma Kantema-Gaomas urged the 127 graduated trainees across all nine trades to take full advantage of services availed by both the public and private sectors to help reduce poverty levels in the country.
"Stakeholders have been engaged, including state-owned facilities for TVET graduates in the form of start-up capital and relaxed collateral to enable the graduates to access the required funds to start their own businesses and to employ fellow artisans where practically possible. Food security and self-sufficiency will address poverty and hunger in the country, and NYS graduates have a pivotal role to play."
On behalf of the Otjozondjupa Governor, the Regional Council's Chairperson, Marlene Mbakera, said the country can achieve its industrialisation dream through educating the nation.
"Mobilising all the skills, talents, and knowledge from the citizenry is also key in transforming the economy and achieving social development goals, and you Grandaunts of today, armed with fresh knowledge and skills, play a critical role in achieving our Namibian dream."
The National Youth Service Board Chairperson, Dr. Emmerentia Leonard, said the institution has made significant progress towards youth development objectives.

"Similarly, partnering with different training institutes like NUST will provide opportunities for our graduates to articulate into further studies and obtain qualifications above the level 3 qualifications that NYS is offering. It would also immensely contribute to the transformation of the Riefontien Centre into a Hub of Excellence."

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