The farming community in the Otjinene constituency of the Omaheke Region has called on law enforcement officers not to release stock theft suspects on bail and to ensure that they are given long prison sentences.

Stock theft threatens the livelihoods of already struggling local farming communities, who are already faced with the burden of drought.

The farming community's group spokesperson, Uaenena Zakaapi, says recently a farmer lost four cattle, and a month earlier another one was robbed of 25 small stock.

Farmers lost more than 100 livestock to stock theft in the Otjinene Constituency since the beginning of the year.

The farmer shared that farmers have now drafted a letter to relevant authorities, such as the regional magistrate, the constituency office, and the police, not to grant bail to those caught committing this illegal practice.

"Please, my child, this is no stealing; there should be another term. Tell me if someone is now following livestock until to their grazing area. This person goes into with cars and they commit this. Even in the late incident, they did the same, and luckily poor network reception on that day delayed their attempt, as we found one while waiting for the car after slaughtering some livestock."

Zakaapi attributed the escalating stock theft to a lack of job opportunities among young people in the area.

The constituency councillor acknowledged the challenges faced by the  community but called on them to tighten their security while the police are trying their level best with their limited resources.

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