The Mix Settlement Boxing event was not only a platform for seasoned boxers to showcase their skills but also witnessed the rise of young fighters from various boxing academies. These emerging talents left a lasting impression on the audience with their impressive performances.

The 'Future Stars' Boxing Bonanza, originally scheduled to begin at 14:00, experienced a delay and finally commenced at 17:00. The event featured a total of 16 bouts, each promising an exciting display of boxing prowess.

The first bout of the evening featured Nafimanekwe Ambunda from Nampol Boxing Academy and Tangeni Tailenge from Nestor Sunshine Boxing Academy. Both boxers displayed remarkable skill and coordination during the first two rounds.

However, luck favored Ambunda, who emerged victorious with a close 2-1 scoreline.

Nelson Michael and Mekandlo Junior's bout concluded with an identical score, with Michael securing the win by a narrow margin.

In the third bout, Messy Shingwedha from Nestor Sunshine Boxing Academy outperformed Mailaik Junior from the Gold Academy, securing a victory after two intense rounds.

The match between Jafta Sudden and James Wapota faced an extended delay, almost leading to its cancellation. Wapota encountered a tough challenge as Sudden displayed exceptional form.

In the third round, Sudden's dominance became evident when he delivered a swift blow that sent Wapota to the canvas.

Following this knockout, a clash between Gold Boxing Academy and Nestor Tobias Sunshine Boxing Academy took place. Salatiel Titus and Nafuka engaged in a battle of skills, showcasing their boxing prowess over three intense rounds. In the end, Nafuka secured a hard-fought 2-1 victory.

In the sixth bout, the animated Shine Junior from Sunshine claimed an effortless victory as his opponent failed to show up, leaving the ring unoccupied.

The Mix Settlement Boxing event not only provided a platform for established boxers but also served as a stage for young talents to make their mark. The future of Namibian boxing looks promising with these emerging fighters displaying their potential.



Nicolaus Thiremo