Kinda Boxing Promotions treated boxing fans to an exciting weekend of fights as they hosted a development tournament featuring young boxers from various stables. The event showcased the skills and potential of these rising stars in the ring.

In the super lightweight category, Sakaria Kennedy and Reinhold Matheus engaged in a thrilling encounter. Matheus started strong in the first round, but Kennedy's superior skills gradually turned the tide in his favor. Kennedy showcased his prowess in the later rounds, ultimately securing a well-deserved victory.

The Lightweight division witnessed a dramatic turn of events as Petrus Salom unleashed a barrage of powerful punches against Johannes Heita. Salom dominated the fight from the beginning, leaving Heita no choice but to throw in the towel, resulting in a TKO victory for Salom.

The super lightweight bout between Joseph Ampeya and Martin Kampulu showcased Ampeya's impressive boxing skills. Ampeya displayed his talent, utilizing Kampulu as a target for his precise punches. Ampeya's dominance led to a majority decision victory, marking a successful debut in the professional ranks.

Andreas Ndamonako faced Jonathan Kasheeta in an intriguing matchup. Despite Kasheeta's initially cautious approach, Ndamonako demonstrated great determination and resilience in the ring. However, after a grueling four rounds, Kasheeta emerged as the victor, securing a unanimous decision win.

Kinda Boxing Promotions delivered a weekend of entertaining bouts, allowing these young boxers to shine and showcase their abilities. The tournament provided a platform for them to gain experience and continue their development in the sport. Boxing enthusiasts eagerly await the next event from Kinda Boxing Promotions, anticipating more thrilling fights in the future.



Victorine Kaaronda