In the Kavango East Region, the festive season campaign will be conducted under the theme "serving the community with humility and dignity".

During last year's festive season, Kavango East recorded zero fatalities in road accidents but topped the pedestrian fatalities nationally.

There is, however, a need to address other criminal activities in the region, says Acting Commander of Kavango East Commissioner Eino Nambahu.

''The region is facing an increase in crime or various crimes like drug and contravariance-related crimes, street robberies, fraud, housebreaking, theft, stock theft, and theft out of motor vehicle offences of domestic violence, and these offences in most cases resulted in death or serious injuries. It is also sad to note that Namibia is categorised as one of the most unsafe countries in terms of road safety or fatalities. That goes as the capital recorded, we are aware of the disease effect of pharaohs brought by criminals, hence our effort should be geared towards the prevention or prevention of crime''

Those who will be found in conflict with the law will face the music.

Driving under the influence of alcohol will cost you your driver's license.

''I think the Natis representative is here; the road authority is here; and we will introduce the cancellation of driver licenses should you be found driving under the influence of alcohol. And as we cancel these licenses, you will be expected to start over applying for another license, and we will probably also set up a period during which you must be suspended from driving. In fact, yes, you will not drive because we don't have a driver's license.

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Elizabeth Mwengo