The Stampriet Aquifer Uranium Association remains adamant that the proposed mining activity on one of the aquifers that contains abundant and precious water should not continue as planned by the Uranium One group.

The association presented their scientific findings through a geologist, Dr. Roy Miller, to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources, Economic, and Public Administration at Leonardiville in the Aminuis Constituency.

Presenting their findings, Dr. Roy Miller emphasised that they are not fighting against the proposed development as perceived by many, but they are questioning the method that could potentially contaminate the underground water.

Dr. Miller added that their primary focus is to protect one of the water sources that should be used for many generations to come.

"The exploration boreholes go down to 100–150 m, which is the same layer where the uranium deposits as the drinking water. The drinking water is of top quality throughout the basin, according to NamWater analysis. It is important for our children to be safe in the future so they can live longer."

The Chairperson of the Committee, Tjekero Tweya, informed the concerned resident that they will study the findings before a final decision is made, which should be in the best interest of all parties.

"You hear, you go verify the same with us here. This is factual, scientific,scientific as much as everything appears to be clear, it is still for us to get other scientists to very what we hear. This is not the end of it, so the engagement and dialogue will continue until we get the real issue. I hope I'm clearing this so that we can be on the same page so that you won't say that we told them that, but yet they just put our ideas aside; they didn't even look at it. We hear we verified, and parliament will debate and get both views from all sites."


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