Johan Muller, the Chief Executive Officer of Cricket Namibia, has stated that the last two months of the year will be exceptionally busy for the national cricket teams across various competitions.

Muller emphasizes the importance of creating a favorable environment for the players to focus on their upcoming tasks.

With several international tournaments on the horizon, the Namibian cricket teams have an opportunity to etch their names in the history books.

The Richelieu Eagles will host teams from Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe from 22nd to 30th November at Wanderers. The top two teams from this qualifying tournament will earn a spot in the West Indies and the U.S. in 2024.

Muller expresses optimism about the potential achievements of the Richelieu Eagles in this qualifying tournament. As the teams prepare to compete on multiple fronts, the CEO acknowledges the crucial role played by the board in supporting Cricket Namibia's current position.

The continuous support from the board has been instrumental in facilitating the team's participation and success in these competitions. With this support, Cricket Namibia aims to make the most of this busy period and propel Namibian cricket to greater heights.



Wesley Vries