Police in the Oshana Region have vowed to keep their boots on the ground throughout the festive season, thus ensuring that they maintain law and order during this time of year, which records a high influx of people to the region.

The police regional commander in Oshana, Commissioner Naftal Sakaria, says the region will increase its police visibility to ensure that they prevent crime.

In 2021–2022, there have been a total of 5,795 criminal cases recorded, and 5,412 cases recorded in 2022–2023. Regional crime statistics indicate a 7% decline in crimes of concern.

Crimes of concern range from housebreaking, theft in motor vehicles, assault, and theft under false pretence.

Speaking at the launch of the 2023–2024 police festive season operation in the Oshana Region, Governor Elia Irimari reiterated that the statistics are still alarming and that residents and visitors alike should be able to feel safe.

Irimari has urged police in the region to embrace technology in fighting crime.

He says the adaptation of technology towards fighting crime will accelerate responsive and targeted interventions, promptly ensuring that criminals are successfully apprehended.

"Create WhatsApp groups so that you can share with other WhatsApp groups any possible dangers or suspects. Let's monitor this person. Technology is in our hands now, and we can make all the work effective. Let's make use of these services to ensure that Oshana is free from crime. And those thinking they are coming to a very soft region with friendly people that will come and cause havoc, sorry, we will make sure you won't cause any havoc in this region."

Oshana Police Regional Commander Naftal Sakaria says effective collaboration between law enforcement agencies and public members is an effective and coordinated response to crime.

"I would like to take this opportunity to warn those coming to our region with wrong intentions that we are not going to accept; we are also not going to accept traffic law violations; and that those with criminal intentions are likely to spend their Christmas in jail."

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