The recent Together As One Part 11 boxing bonanza made a significant statement by featuring an exciting bout between two amateur female boxers.

This inclusion aimed to showcase the interest and potential for women's professional boxing in Namibia, despite the existing 1980 act that prohibits them from competing at that level.

The boxing and wrestling control act, established during white South African apartheid rule on July 2nd, 1980, has continued to prevent Namibian female boxers from participating in professional boxing. Despite Namibia's independence for over three decades, this act has yet to be reviewed and rectified.

The inclusion of an amateur female bout between Lakisha Van Wyk from Legends Boxing Academy and Melissa Sekela from After School Center Boxing Club on the card of the Together As One Part 11 boxing bonanza was a deliberate effort to make a statement.

The three-round bout ended in a draw, highlighting the talent and determination of these female boxers. Local Boxing Promoter Nestor Tobias said , his boxing stable plans to make the inclusion of female bouts a regular feature in their upcoming events starting in 2024.

While women will continue to fight at the amateur level, there is hope that they can eventually be elevated to the professional level as well.




Victorine Kaaronda