The 2023 International Shore Angling Test Tournament saw fierce competition among over 140 anglers and their teams from Namibia and South Africa. This annual event alternates between locations in the two countries, with this year's edition being hosted by Namibia.

Spanning three days, the angling competition commenced on Tuesday and showcased the participation of six teams from Namibia and South Africa. Each team consisted of anglers from various categories, including grandmasters, masters, senior men, senior women, under 21, and under 16.

The teams were divided into two groups, with one group comprising grandmasters, ladies, and under 16 teams, and the other consisting of seniors, masters, and under 21s. The competition took place south of Henties Bay, with a designated area assigned for each day of the tournament.

Points were awarded based on factors such as the size or weight of the catch, with certain species carrying more value than others. The fishing action began at 7:30 AM each day, with lines in, and concluded at 15:00 with lines out.

The Namibian teams had a modest performance, securing victory in only one category - the Men's Grand Masters. In contrast, South Africa emerged victorious in the Men Masters, Senior Men's, Ladies, under 21's, and under 16 categories.

Pieter du Toit of the under 21 South African team stood out as the top scorer, catching an impressive 13 fish with a total weight of 481 kg over the three days.

Nbc sport had the opportunity to speak with some of the anglers about the competition. Their insights and experiences added to the excitement of the event.

Looking ahead, the next tournament, scheduled for next year, will once again take place in South Africa. 



Trimo Herbst