The Golden Boxing Fitness Academy is gearing up for Part 3 of the Boxing Development Tournament, which will be held at the Goreagab Open area in Windhoek on Saturday. This tournament aims to nurture and showcase the talents of emerging boxers.

Part 1 of the tournament was a resounding success, attracting a diverse range of spectators from different age groups. Part 2 faced some challenges but still managed to go ahead at Mix Settlement. The organizers are optimistic that Part 3 will be a successful event, with a large turnout, as has been the case in the previous tournaments.

The Goreagab dam event will kick off at three in the afternoon, providing an exciting opportunity for boxing enthusiasts to witness the potential future stars of the sport in the informal settlements of the capital. The organizers are extending an invitation to all boxing lovers to attend the event free of charge.

By concluding the year with Part 3 of the tournament, the organizers aim to continue their efforts in promoting and developing boxing talent within the community.



Victorine Kaaronda