Excitement is building as Namibia prepares to host the highly anticipated 2024 International Mixed Martial Arts African Championships. Athletes from various African nations will gather in Namibia to compete for the prestigious title of the continent's best in this thrilling combat sport.

Raymond Philips, the Executive Director of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation, is currently in Namibia to scout for the perfect venue for this grand event. Born in South Africa, Philips developed a deep passion for MMA at the tender age of 7.

With an impressive 53 years of experience in the sport, his love for MMA has only grown stronger over time.

Having visited Namibia on several occasions, Philips' current visit is specifically focused on the upcoming 2024 African Championships.

As part of his dedication to assisting Africa in achieving its MMA goals, he is determined to find a suitable venue that will provide an exceptional experience for both athletes and spectators alike.

Despite being one of the youngest federations on the MMA scene, Namibia has made remarkable progress, which has left Philips impressed. The federation's commitment to the sport and its continuous growth have caught the attention of the international MMA community.

In his closing remarks, Philips hinted at an exciting possibility for Namibia. With the successful hosting of the African Championships, there may be an opportunity for the country to also host the prestigious IMF World Championships in the future.

This potential recognition speaks volumes about Namibia's potential as a prominent destination for high-level MMA competitions.

As Namibia eagerly awaits the arrival of the African Championships in 2024, the nation is poised to showcase its passion for MMA and provide a memorable experience for all involved.

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Victorine Kaaronda