13-year-old Prince Robert Kahimise emerged as the champion of the Ambassador's Golf Day held at the Windhoek Country Club. Kahimise not only secured the prestigious title but also received a cash prize of 10,000 Namibia Dollars along with a champions trophy.

The young golfer captured the hearts of the audience with his exceptional performance throughout the one-day tournament, earning an impressive overall score of 42 points. Kahimise's remarkable achievement defied all odds and garnered him the biggest cheer of the night during the prize giving ceremony.

Fellow Namibian golfer, Elvin Kamana, secured second place with a score of 41 points, closely followed by Mosimanegape Lekopanye from Botswana in third place with 40 points. Zimbabwe's Dignity Moyo and Namibian Evelyn Paulino both finished with 39 points, resulting in a tie for fourth place.

Kahimise attributed his outstanding performance and victory to consistent practice, highlighting the importance of dedication and hard work in the sport of golf.

The Zimbabwean Ambassador to Namibia, Melody Chaurura, expressed her amazement at the high level of competition displayed during the Ambassador's Golf Day. 

This successful charity golf tournament, organized to raise funds for a noble cause, will now become an annual event in Namibia. The Ambassador's Golf Day not only showcased the talent and passion for golf in the country but also demonstrated the spirit of giving back to the community.

Prince Robert Kahimise's triumph at such a young age is a testament to his exceptional talent and serves as an inspiration to aspiring golfers in Namibia. 



Nicolaus Thiremo