Swakopmund, the picturesque coastal town, witnessed an exhilarating year-end target archery shooting event over the weekend.

Archers from various clubs gathered to showcase their skills and compete for top honours in this captivating sport.

Joining an archery club not only fosters focus and discipline but also provides a welcoming community of like-minded individuals.

This was evident during the target archery shoot, where participants relished the camaraderie and friendly competition.

Apart from vying for victory, the archers had an additional incentive – the opportunity to catch the attention of selectors for potential inclusion in national teams, representing the country in upcoming global events.

Archers of all ages, including para-athletes, wholeheartedly embraced the challenges presented during the event.

One of the coaches and participants summed up the collective determination and purpose of the day.

Marius, a coach, expressed, "We have two para-athletes who are showcasing their skills, and they have the potential to qualify for major competitions."

Quinn, an archer, highlighted the event's significance, stating, "This serves as preparation for me, as I have my eyes set on competing in Dubai next year."

Jannie Meuwesen, the President of the Archery Association of Namibia, acknowledged the challenges faced by Namibian archers in recent years.

Due to various factors such as funding constraints and the limited availability of international events amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, archers have been unable to test themselves on the international stage.

Jannie emphasized, "The impact has been significant for us, but we remain optimistic that future opportunities will make a big difference."

Overall, the day proved to be a resounding success for both participants and organizers, with the focus now shifting towards the exciting events planned for the upcoming year.



Kavii Vezemburuka