The Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP) has acquired 18 vehicles to meet its specimen transportation needs. 

This represents an ongoing commitment to invest in resources that will enable the organisation to deliver exceptional care to patients and healthcare partners in both the public and private industries. 

The fleet of cars will reduce waiting times and increase efficiency by ensuring that samples are picked up from collection sites and transported safely to the nearest laboratory. 

NIP CEO Kapena Tjombonde explained in a statement that the aim is to streamline the specimen transportation process, reduce transit times, and uphold the integrity of all specimens during transit. 

Therefore, NIP, she says, recognises the critical importance of efficient and reliable specimen transportation in ensuring the timely and accurate delivery of healthcare services.

The initiative underscores the leadership's dedication at all levels to transformation and steadfast determination in fulfilling the NIP's mandate of uplifting the healthcare agenda in Namibia, says Tjombonde.

She further emphasised that NIP is positioning itself to better serve the healthcare community and contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare delivery nationwide. 

NIP is confident that the latest development will address the challenges they face and significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of services.

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Laimi Hainghumbi