The Okandjoze Chiefs Assembly on Genocide has petitioned President Nangolo Mbumba to consider convening a National Consultative Conference to discuss the way forward for restorative justice.

Another subject is the possible enactment as an Act of Parliament, the Namibian Genocide.

The Assembly, comprising different Ovaherero and Ovambanderu traditional authorities, brought forward this position during a courtesy call on President Mbumba at State House.

The Assembly's Chairperson, Chief Tjinaani Maharero, says the National Consultative Conference would allow the descendants of the 1904–1908 Genocide victims to engage and jointly define the losses and subsequent demands.

Maharero says the platform would further provide a complete overview of all the groups of descendants of victims of genocide in Namibia and the diaspora without excluding anyone.

If considered, he says, the conference would also take stock of progress so far and discuss proposals on the future aspirations of the descendants of the genocide victims.

President Mbumba informed the Assembly that their concerns would require further discussions with all stakeholders, including relevant ministries and Parliament.

He said that after that, a pronouncement would be made.

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Namibian Presidency


Blanche Goreses