The MTC Kilimanjaro Boxing Club is busy preparing three professional boxers for upcoming events hosted by the MTC Nestor Sunshine Tobias Boxing and Fitness Academy in Windhoek later this month.

Since the beginning of the year, Johannes Morosande and Johannes Ferela have been training for their originally scheduled Independence Day fights, which have now been postponed to April.

Heavyweight boxer Johannes Nangolo is also putting in the hard work as he gears up for his bout on May 18th at the Salute Boxing event.

Erickson Tapiso visited the MTC Kilimanjaro Boxing Gym and spoke with the club's founder and promoter.

The promoter expressed gratitude towards the sponsor and provided an update on the boxers' progress.

Tapiso also spoke directly with the three boxers at the gym, discussing their training routines, preparations, and expectations for the upcoming fights.

Club founder and promoter Benhard Joseph expressed his confidence in the boxers, wishing them all the best in their upcoming fights after their dedicated training over the past four months.



Erickson Tapiso