Kunene Region residents are requesting changes to be made to the Khorixas, Epupa, Opuwo Rural, and Outjo constituencies. They also suggest dividing the region into two parts.

They propose including Ombika and Okaukeujo in the Outjo Rural Constituency. Currently, Ombika and Okaukuejo are part of the Uuvudhiya Constituency in the Oshana Region, but Outjo residents want them to be part of Kunene. 

These proposals were presented to the Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission during its regional public hearings. However, the Commission's Commissioner, Prisca Anyolo, questioned Outjo residents' proposal. 

"I failed to understand the rationale behind the division of the Outjo Constituency. If we claim it's for service delivery and bringing development closer to the people, now that you segregate, people in town live their lives outside town boundaries. In my opinion, they are still subjected to suffering, and now I am going back to the roots that Commissioner Kapapa also took. A person from here, why does he have to travel and go to that side for services if he is living in Outjo here?" 

Some residents also want Omutambo Womawe and surrounding villages to become part of Opuwo Urban. They also suggest including Anderson Gate in the Sesfontein Constituency. Additionally, they call for the region to be divided into two, with one part remaining as Kunene and the other being named Welvitchia Region. Kunene will hold a special council meeting next week to adopt the report of the Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission's outreach to the constituencies in the region.



Eveline Paulus