Bridgehead Group Holdings has declared a dividend payout of N$500,000 to its shareholder, the National Youth Council of Namibia. 

The Board of Directors of Bridgehead made the announcement during a ceremony held at the NYC's Head Office in Windhoek.

The dividend stems from Bridgehead's equity interest in the Uukumwe Youth Empowerment Consortium, an entity operating within the fishing sector. 

Uukumwe's effective ventures contributed to this generous distribution of funds, illustrating the benefits of strategic investments and corporate governance.

The declaration and subsequent distribution of the dividends to the National Youth Council follow Bridgehead's recent interim appointment to the Board of Directors. 

Simon Taapopi and Eva Awases have been appointed to the board, bringing new leadership and direction to the company.  

This development represents a significant redemption for both Bridgehead and NYC, both of which have previously received negative media attention.

The payout accentuates Bridgehead's commitment to youth empowerment, reflecting a brighter future for all parties involved.

The NYCN expressed gratitude for the funds and included all 121 constituencies' budgets for youth development and projects across the country.

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