When mental health affects individuals, it is one of the conditions that result in decreased productivity at work or at home; thus, there is a need for collaborative efforts to assist those suffering from the illness.

This was revealed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services' Chief Medical Officer in the Omaheke Region, Dr Jonah ||Garoëb, at a regional Mental Health Day event held at Gobabis.

Dr ||Garoëb says individuals and communities went through a lot during the COVID-19 period, and this resulted in mental health breakdowns that affected health status. Therefore, overcoming mental health issues requires shared responsibility among all.

"We must value our commitment to give mental health and individuals, communities, and stakeholders more engagement by all sectors. We must strengthen mental health care so that the full mental health needs are met through community-based networking, accessible and affordable quality services."

A social worker, Kakaa Kazapua, stressed that the ministry is working hard to assist affected members through awareness campaigns.

"We have a variety of programs, including substance abuse prevention programs; we also provide psychosocial social support to families and individuals; we create awareness through prevention programmes; we provide social support for terminally ill patients, and we connect people."

Kazapua also urged members of the public to keep their bodies fit through exercise and eating healthily as this helps to overcome mental health problems.


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