Brave Warriors coach Collin Benjamin has completed his trip to South Africa and Botswana, where he monitored the performances of Namibian players who are based there and built relationships with their respective clubs.

Namibia has about 20 professional football players who are active in different top leagues in South Africa and Botswana. Some are also playing in the second divisions of these two countries.

In South Africa, there are currently 12 players, while Botswana is home to nine Namibian players. Brave Warriors Coach Collin Benjamin spoke to NBC Sport about the significance of his recent visit to the two countries.

He also engaged with some of the coaches to see how the players are performing. Having a relationship with them is of great importance to Benjamin, too

The Brave Warriors will face Cameroon in an AFCON qualifier match on the 24th of March in Yaounde before hosting them for the return leg on the 28th in Johannesburg.

Despite the Namibian team's chances looking slim to qualify for the continental showpiece - Benjamin is optimistic ahead of the remaining matches in the campaign. He is yet to announce his squad.