Stakeholders to conduct study on informal economy

In cooperation with the UN in Namibia, the Bank of Namibia, the Ministries of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment Creation, Industrialization, and Trade intend to conduct a study to comprehend the informal economy and its diversity, pinpoint solutions for related problems, and highlight opportunities for interventions.

Informal employment in Namibia has significant implications for people, enterprises, and the country's economy and social development.

Social partners called to improve working environment

The Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations, and Employment and Creation, Utoni Nujoma, urged social partners to improve the working environment, thereby enhancing employee well-being, high labour productivity, and healthier labour relations.

Utoni Nujoma said this at a two-day meeting on Variation and Sensitization in Fishing and Convention 190 with various stakeholders in the fisheries sector at Walvis Bay.

NAMPA employees hold demonstration against unfair labour practises

Employees at the Namibia Press Agency's (NAMPA) head office in Windhoek held a demonstration against unfair labour practises within the agency.

The aggrieved employees are demonstrating against what they regard as unfair internal promotions, no corporate governance from management, and management negotiating in bad faith in a toxic working environment.

They further say that employee grievances are seen as a threat, and they cannot raise their voice on their issues.

They demand better working conditions and a salary increment.