GBV a national concern


Erongo Governor Neville Andre says despite commendable achievements in human rights and gender equality, Namibia still faces persistent challenges in terms of gender-based violence.

At least 32% of Namibian women are said to have experienced physical violence at the hands of an intimate partner at some point.

To remedy the situation, Andre plans to establish a regional gender-based violence (GBV) task team with different stakeholders on board.

Andre says GBV is the most pervasive yet least visible human rights violation in the world.

16 out of 214 NDF shortlisted candidates fail assessments


Out of 214 shortlisted candidates for positions with the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) in the ||Kharas Region, sixteen candidates failed to appear for written and physical assessments.

Candidates who attended the assessments were evaluated on their English proficiency. Additionally, they had to participate in a 2.4-kilometre run, with male candidates expected to finish within 13 minutes and female candidates within 17 minutes.

Furthermore, the candidates were subjected to other exercises, including push-ups and sit-ups.