Young women in Khomasdal Constituency trained in goat rearing


Concord Young Women in Business kicked off a seminar focusing on goat rearing and information and communication technology for young women and school-going girls in the Khomasdal Constituency.

The seminar in Windhoek, which aims to empower participants with essential skills for personal and professional growth, is part of a broader initiative to support women's advancement through practical skill development.

MultiChoice, nbc launch Mukorob Film Project


The Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT), Emma Theofelus, has urged commercial banks to consider the establishment of a specialised loan programme tailored to support local filmmakers.

She was speaking at the launch of the Mukorob Film Project in the capital on Wednesday.

MultiChoice Namibia's collaboration with the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) has enabled 13 local film production houses to release top-quality and distinct Namibian stories.