Hostel dwellers at Simataa Senior Secondary School can now sleep comfortably


Hostel dwellers at the Simataa Senior Secondary School in the Zambezi Region are breathing a sigh of relief following the donation of mattresses by the Mine Workers Union of Namibia (MUN).

Learners have been forced to make their beds on the bare floors.

Simataa Senior Secondary School has a school population of 435 learners, and 280 are living in the hostel.

NDP's Simasiku Mukendwa sworn in as councillor


The National Democratic Party's (NDP) Simasiku Mukendwa has finally been sworn in as a councillor in the Katima Mulilo Town Council.

Watson Kalaluka, who was dismissed by the party earlier this year for allegedly staining the party's reputation and neglecting to provide the political party with monthly council reports and comments, was replaced by Mukendwa.

He also reportedly failed to honour a 30% stop-order agreement with the party.