Otjozondjupa Region looks for alternate sources of water


The Governor of Otjozondjupa Region, James Uerikua, together with NamWater, visited boreholes, aquifers, and reservoirs to reticulate water from storage sources, expand and upgrade the existing water network, and bring water closer to dry areas in the region. 

The main economic activity in Otjozondjupa is in the agricultural sector.

The eastern part, with virgin land for grazing, is in dire need of water.

Otjiwarongo road infrastructure worsens, urgent action needed from local authorities


Road infrastructure in Otjiwarongo continues to worsen and needs urgent intervention from the local government authorities in the town.

The municipality of Otjiwarongo entered into an agreement with the Roads Authority and the Road Fund Administration to upgrade the road network in Otjiwarongo.

Good road network infrastructure provides a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for goods and services. This, in turn, makes goods and services more accessible to a larger group, leading to increased trade and commerce.