Benefits of taking care of mental health more evident in society


The founder of a private mental health clinic, Care Unit in Rundu, says more residents are becoming aware of the benefits of looking after their mental health.

Berthiliah Simbaranda-Vistor says the stigma that was once associated with seeking help is slowly wearing off.

Care Unit opened its doors about a year ago.

Even though there are very few mental health experts in Rundu, Simbaranda-Vistor was not really sure if residents were going to open up.

First mental health clinic at Rundu goes operational


The first ever private mental health clinic has opened its doors at Rundu in the Kavango East region.

The owner, Berthiliah Simbaranda-Vistor, says cases of mental health are on the increase, hence the need for psychological care.

A social worker by training, Simbaranda-Vistor says the escalating gender-based violence and suicide, among other facts, necessitated the opening of such facilities.

She says the number of people visiting the clinic operating under the company Care Unit Trading Services is steadily increasing.