Oshipe celebrates and preserves Oshiwambo culture


In a vibrant display of cultural heritage, students studying Oshiwambo at the University of Namibia held their annual "Oshipe" festival to celebrate the bountiful first harvest of the year.

The time-honoured tradition holds great significance in Oshiwambo culture, with its roots deeply embedded in the customs and rituals of the Aawambo, the largest ethnic group in Namibia.

Aawambo, who originally resided in the northern central part of Namibia and southern Angola, have long relied on crop farming and animal husbandry for their livelihood.

Urban Deputy Minister says neglecting culture, traditions is not wise and should not be an option


The Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development says over the past years, there has been a common agreement that young people do not value their cultures anymore, and it brings discomfort to know that they are slowly losing their identity.

Nathalia |Gȏagoses said this during the 45th Damara Annual Cultural Festival at Okombahe in the Erongo Region.

|Gȏagoses agrees with the sentiment that Africans or the black race have adopted cultures that are not their own and abandoned theirs.