Russell Josephat dominated the race in the Bambino class at the just-ended 2nd leg of the Namibia National Go-Karting Series that was held at the Tony Rust Race Track over the weekend.

The 6-year-old Russell Josephat is a newcomer to the motorsport industry, having started his Go kart career last year in January.

Josephat proved to be a force to be reckoned with as he dominated the Bambino class to emerge as the winner at the Tony Rust Race track the previous weekend.

NBC sport caught up with Russell's father who shed more light on Russell's interest in the sports code.

“ I'm a formula One Lewis Hamilton fanatic. Seeing I have never got that opportunity to do Go Karting I saw the need to pass it on to him so he can link the sport of karting through him” JP Josephat said.

JP said this was something Russell wanted to do every other day as he would sit next to him whenever he watches Formula One and kept asking questions.

Meanwhile, NBC sport also spoke to the young winner about his strategy going into the race, how he felt to win for the first time, and his training routines.

“It was hard for me to pass, but I finally passed and never let him pass me again and he couldn't catch to me again. It’s very nice for me, because I'm trying my best to win as I can I hope each day I win, but it's hard when I race” Russell said.

He narrated how he would go to the race track and practice with his father to practise with his friends.

Russell also has a passion for football but it's Go Karting that is his first love - fuelled by his fascination with formula one driver Lewis Hamilton.

“ We want him to do well in school first, then soccer and Go Karting. Karting should not be a concern for his school and then we will take it from there. We don't want to push him too much on the sport” JP said.

Russell won for the first time in the Bambino Class, scoring 102.