Judge Christi Liebenberg has delayed the sentencing of the siblings, Azaan Madisia and Steven Mulundu.

The two were acquitted on murder charges related to the tragic death of 21-year-old Shanon Wasserfall in April 2020.

Judge Liebenberg only found Madisia and Mulundu guilty of impeding or obstructing the course of justice by attempting to conceal Wasserfall's death.

Additionally, Madisia was convicted on two counts of fraud.

This case has drawn much public interest, and the ruling raises questions about the burden of proof in criminal proceedings and the challenges faced by the justice system in establishing intent.

During the mitigation and aggravating proceedings, Mulundu's legal representative, Tanya Klaazen, put forth a suggestion for a three-year prison sentence, with one year suspended.

On the other hand, Madisia's legal representative, Albert Titus, proposed a three-year imprisonment term for the obstruction of justice charge, along with one year for each of the two fraud charges.

Neither Madisia nor Mulundu took the stand to provide any mitigating factors for their sentences. Nonetheless, the courtroom was moved by the heartrending testimony delivered by Wasserfall's father, Tega Matheus.

Following this, an emotional letter penned by Madisia, specifically addressed to Wasserfall's son and family, was presented.



Daniel Nadunya