With the influx of people to Oranjemund in the ||Kharas Region since its proclamation as a local authority, the former mining town faces an acute housing shortage.

Against this backdrop, the town council began housing projects to address the housing squeeze.

A N$27 million bulk services construction project for low-cost housing was recently completed at the former mining town, at Extension 11.

50 shack dwellers' houses had been constructed on the 320 available serviced plots at the extension.

Servicing of land and paving of roads is underway at Extension 4 to cater to middle-income housing.

The government has allocated N$10 million in the current financial year to accelerate land delivery in the town.

A group of sub-contracting companies' workers had to move out of the hostel block, owned by Namdeb, to make way for renovation work on the building. 

The group maintains they have nowhere to go.

The Oranjemund Constituency Office has however stepped in and provided temporary accommodation for the group.



Luqman Cloete