The MTC Namibia Netball Premier League is heading towards its conclusion, with only one weekend of games remaining. Currently, the Namibian Navy netball team holds the top position on the standings, with 34 points. They are leading by a two-point margin over the reigning champions, the l ServiceNamibian Correctionas.

As the Navy's final game approaches, the outcome of this match carries significant importance as it will determine the final standings in the league. In their last match, the Navy will face off against the Namibian Correctional Services, who still have two games remaining. If the Correctional Services win both of their remaining matches, they have the potential to surpass the Navy in the league standings.

Throughout the league, the Navy has gained a reputation for their unwavering determination, exceptional teamwork, and dynamic playing style. The Navy team has dedicated themselves to intense practice sessions, focusing on enhancing their overall fitness. Evariza Haufiku, a Navy player, expressed gratitude to their fitness coach for their hard training and conscious effort.

After finishing in second place last year, the Navy team is optimistic about their chances this year. Haufiku mentioned that they came in fourth place in their first year of training, then improved to second place last year. They are now determined to reach the top of the range this year.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the final games of the season, originally scheduled for this weekend, have been rescheduled to take place next weekend in Walvis Bay.



Janneth !Gaoses/Getrude Magongo