With just one day remaining until the conclusion of the Windhoek Agricultural, Livestock, and Motor Show, local entrepreneurs have seized the opportunity to showcase their products and strive for profitability at this grand event.

The showgrounds have become a bustling hub for a diverse range of participants, including traditional food stalls, automobile enthusiasts, skilled technicians, and agriculture aficionados.  The local entrepreneurial spirit is in full swing, with many individuals venturing into innovative product lines sourced from organic, locally available materials.

Some have crafted enticing products from organic juices, while others have delved into the production of marula oil and chilli sauces.  Additionally, there are those who promote easy cleaning methods and innovative initiatives aimed at simplifying and improving quality of life.

nbc News had the privilege of visiting these exhibitors, who have not only harnessed the potential of organic resources but have also developed their unique local brands with the goal of generating income and contributing to the local economy.

"So all the products in front of you are made from Broccoli and Omutete, and some from Omaunii, Multi-Orange, and Mango as well. What is good about these products is that they are 100 percent organic. For example, the colours that you see here do not have any colorists added; these are all jams and juices that are very high in vitamins, so they are very good for your health."

"We have apricon sweet chilli  is made from from apricon jam plus other ingridients and then we have sweet chilli this is made from sugar plus onions and other things. We have municipal; these are also sources. This one is extremely hot. It is very hot; it is just a chilli in itself."

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The Windhoek Showgrounds


Hendrina Kanyolo