A total of 281 foreign nationals own 1,4 million hectares of agricultural land in Namibia. Land Reform Minister Utoni Nujoma says some of such land is owned by foreign nationals in partnership with Namibians. Germans own 126 farms measuring more than 616 000 hectares, followed by 81 South Africans occupying more than 349 000 hectares, seven United States nationals with more than 82 000 hectares, 14 farms measuring 49 256 hectares owned by Austrians and six farms of 42 741 hectares owned by Swiss nationals. Joint ownership involves 12 German-Namibian farms of 52 327 hectares, 10 South African-Namibian farms measuring 54 033 hectares, seven farms measuring 47 120 hectares, owned by Namibian, South African and Spanish nationals. The minister said the process would continue to verify and conclude land ownership as land sales happen daily. Nujoma was responding to questions from DTA President McHenry Venaani in the National Assembly on Thursday. Venaani asked the minister to inform the National Assembly how much land was owned by absentee landlords and how government handled the expropriation of farms since independence. Nujoma said the Guideline on Land Expropriation would soon be gazetted to ensure transparency into land acquisition process.