The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) is striving to prioritise mental health in the workplace.

One such intervention was the hosting of a wellness day at its headquarters on Cullinan Street.

The programme was packed with activities such as mental health talks and drama aimed at creating awareness among employees and different ways to create a healthier working environment.

nbc's Chief Human Resources Officer, Vezenga Kauraisa, urged employees to prioritise and look after their mental health.

Good mental health is a fundamental component of overall well-being, which contributes to a person's sense of happiness, fulfilment, and ability to live a meaningful and productive life, hence the need for the initiative.

A drama depicting mental health problems and triggers was also portrayed during the wellness day, followed by a discussion with employees who expressed their experiences.

Health screenings and preventative testing, including pap smears, were also part of the health day.

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Selima Henock